Tom Cotton Says Gas Shortage Caused By Biden

( With the disintegrating situation in the Middle East, rising prices boosting inflation, and the return of gas lines and shortages due to the hacking of the Colonial Pipeline, this has not been a good week.

And Thursday, Senator Tom Cotton laid the blame entirely at the feet of President Joe Biden.

Watch the video HERE.

It’s hard to disagree with Cotton’s assessment.

From his first day, Biden has advanced policies that crippled US energy independence – including shutting down the Keystone Pipeline.

The so-called COVID Relief package passed in February included supplemental unemployment benefits that resulted in fewer Americans looking for work. Unemployment ticked up in April despite the fact that there is a worker shortage and plenty of jobs to go around.

But that’s what happens when you incentive unemployment – you get more of it.

President Biden shutting down border wall construction and overturning President Trump’s immigration policy have created an unprecedented crisis at the border.

The Biden Administration’s rush to reenter the Iran nuclear deal that President Trump left in 2017 — as well as restarting aid to the Palestinian Authority after President Trump halted it — turned a relatively stable Middle East into a tinder box.

The “social justice/identity politics” focus of the CIA and Defense Department certainly doesn’t signal US strength to America’s enemies.

Despite President-elect Biden’s vow to make cybersecurity a top priority, the entire Southeastern US was shut down after a primary pipeline was hacked. Cotton believes Biden’s feckless appeasement of Russia bears some of the blame.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that criminal gangs linked with Russian intelligence services feel emboldened to attack an American company that provides critical supply lines for so many American citizens,” Cotton said.

Some believe that the CDC’s sudden about-face announcement on Thursday that vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks may have been motivated by more by politics than science.

In his Thursday column at American Spectator, Stephen L. Miller suggested this very thing:

“Perhaps Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci finally found Florida and Texas on a map and that is why they chose today to lift CDC mask recommendations,” Miller writes. “Or, more believably, perhaps the Biden administration found itself on the back end of its most disastrous week since taking over on January 20 and needed to apply an emergency brake as the news cycle spun out of its control.”

Miller points out that, without this out-of-nowhere turnaround from the CDC, “the Biden Administration was heading into a weekend full of Sunday shows poised to talk about the administration’s current struggles.”

And now, Miller writes, they can enjoy a victory lap instead.