Top Democrat Arrested Trying To Axe Filibuster

( Georgia Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson was arrested along with nine other people on Thursday after protesting against new election security bills being implemented in states that were affected by fraud and misconduct in the last election. Johnson is one of many Democrats who regularly smears pro-democracy laws designed to counter illegal voting as “restrictive” and “anti-democracy.”

Johnson was taking part in a protest organized by “Black Votes Matter” and “Our Black Party.” Neither organization, however, presented any evidence to suggest that the legislation they were protesting stopped Black Americans from voting.

In actual fact, now election security laws would strengthen Black votes by ensuring that they are not affected by huge numbers of fake votes.

Co-chair of “Our Black Party” Wes Bellamy said that it is time for Black men to “stand up” against the laws, in an event titled “Brothers Day of Action on Capitol Hill.” Rep. Johnson gave a speech at the event to a small group of people who gathered outside of the Supreme Court. In the speech, he called on his colleagues in Congress to enact new laws that would strip states of the right to control their own elections.

The key piece of national legislation being pushed by the Democrats is the so-called “For the People Act” or HR1, which was passed by the House in March but cannot pass in the Senate owing to Republican opposition. Leftists attempt to paint the legislation as overhauling political finance rules and strengthening democracy, but the law would actually remove voter ID rules and implement mass mail-in voting all over the country, opening the system up to huge levels of fraud and effectively establishing permanent Democrat rules.

Protestors at the event chanted “black voters, they matter here!” but didn’t make it clear who they think doesn’t believe black votes matter.

Police officers ordered the crowd to stop blocking the entrance to Hart, but when they ignored the police, they were handcuffed and taken away. Rep. Johnson was one of them.

Should we really be listening to elected representatives who behave like this?