Top Democrat Cries Racism After Helping Storm A State Capital

( —Two Democrats in the Tennessee State House were expelled after helping protestors storm the State Capitol during a session. Justin Jones, one of the lawmakers, placed the blame for his expulsion on racism while talking to Joy Reid. Jones was one of three Democratic lawmakers who led the protest for gun control after the Nashville mass shooting that left six people dead in the Covenant school.

Justin Pearson was the other black Democrat expelled. While Gloria Johnson was also on the chopping block, she just made it with one vote to spare her. Jones called the action a “farce” and said that democracy was being lynched. But the Republicans who expelled him argue that he had violated decorum by speaking on the floor when he was not recognized.

The votes temporarily remove the two lawmakers and their constituents from representation, but they were recently reappointed by the Nashville Metropolitan Council in a 36-0 vote, according to CNN. Commenting on his reappointment, Jones said that he will continue to advocate for restricting guns and will introduce new legislation.

His appointment means that he is serving his district “in the interim” until another election is held. Jones spoke to protestors in the Capitol once again and said that this move proves that democracy will not be silenced.

Pearson has yet to be reinstated but expressed his regret for the other mass shooting that occurred in Louisville, Kentucky that left five dead and eight injured. The 25-year-old shooter opened fire at Old National Bank after he was notified that he would be fired. When police officers arrived, they found that he was still firing rounds and they proceeded to shoot back, eventually killing him.

Pearson blamed the Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton and the Republican Party for not doing enough to restrict guns.