Top Democrat Responds To Hit And Run Allegations

( Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise doubled down on her decision not to quit after she reportedly hit a bike in her automobile last month and fled the scene.

DeGise addressed personal attacks against her detractors on Wednesday night at a city council meeting. She suggested they should wait till the judicial process unfolds before commenting further. Most speakers called on DeGise to quit.

She said she’d have more to say when she to traffic court is over and can address outstanding issues and inquiries. In the meanwhile, she’s not retiring. She said this after two hours of hearing from neighborhood people.

DeGise said that those who ask for her resignation are heard, and she understands that people have issues and questions that she respects.

The comments come as the councilwoman is accused of speeding through an intersection and hitting Andrew Black, 29, on a bicycle, leaving him with significant bruises.

Both parties disagree on who had the right-of-way in the apparent hit-and-run accident, but DeGise faced calls to resign as she allegedly fled the scene.
In her remarks Wednesday, the councilwoman said she was also a victim.

She then heaped a pant-load on the audience.

“I don’t identify with your perception of me, but adversity makes us work harder,” she added. “To those who trust in me, thank you. And to those who don’t, thank you for making me want to be a better leader.”

She prays no one is ever subjected to this much trauma, and if you are, she’ll have your back. She will speak out for you and make sure no one puts you or your loved ones through what she is going through.

“This has only made me stronger, and I will use that strength to fight for issues that help every resident,” DeGise said.

The councilwoman began her remarks by expressing she felt terrible about the event and wanted to continue dealing with it quietly.

Councilwoman Ellen DeGise said when asked about her alleged failure to stop a cyclist in Jersey City. I’m devoted to my Council position, no matter how you see me. Please know that my commitment is genuine, and my love for Jersey City is as strong as ever, she said.