Tragedy Strikes For Matt Gaetz After Friend Turns Against Him

( Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz could be in some trouble. After being accused of traveling across state lines with a minor for the purposes of sex, and after insisting that the allegations are untrue and part of a blackmail scheme designed to extort his family of tens of millions of dollars, Gaetz’s close confidant just confessed in court to six federal criminal counts.

Among these confessions were fraud, aggravated identity theft, and stalking, and sex trafficking a minor. Joel Greenberg, who is a former Florida county official who was close to Gaetz, has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in an investigation into his former colleague.

While Rep. Gaetz wasn’t directly mentioned in Monday’s plea hearing – and not even in the 86-page agreement between prosecutors and Greenburg that was filed last week in court – the news should be concerning for the Florida congressman.

This week, a plane reportedly flew over an Orlando, Florida courthouse, carrying a banner reading, “TICK TOCK MATT GAETZ.”

Gaetz denies the allegations totally and has described in detail how a former Department of Justice official attempted to extort his family of $25 million to make the sex trafficking allegations “go away.” He named the former federal prosecutor as David McGee, but McGee also denies the allegations.

We won’t know the full scope of what might be revealed by Greenberg, if he has anything to truly reveal, but last month his attorney Fritz Scheller indicated that Gaetz might have reason to be concerned.

“I’m sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today,” Scheller said when news was revealed that Greenberg may enter into a plea deal.

Gaetz wrote in an opinion piece in the Washington Examiner last month that his “lifestyle of yesteryear” is different to how he lives his life not, but that “it was not and is not illegal.”