Train Derailment Forces Evacuation

( — A CSX train derailed in Plymouth Meeting, just 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia in the early hours of Monday morning, but no hazardous material was leaked and no injuries were reported, CNN reported.

According to Sheriee Bowman, a representative of CSX, the derailment, which involved 16 of the 40 train cars, was weather-related.

According to national weather data, the visibility at the time of the derailment was less than ten miles, CNN reported.

In a statement on Monday, CSX said that based on preliminary reports, one of the cars involved in the derailment was carrying hazardous material, however, there was no sign of any spill or leaks and none of the train’s crew were injured.

As a precaution, local fire departments were called to the scene and ordered the evacuation of about a dozen homes in the area.

Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Chief Chris Schwartz said the evacuation order was lifted by late Monday morning.

Schwartz said the scene was now in the hands of teams from Norfolk Southern, which owns the tracks, and CSX who will continue “mitigation efforts.”

Officials addressed concerns about the possible spread of hazardous materials in a press conference on Monday.

According to Chief Schwartz, train officials and hazmat personnel at the scene determined that there was no active leak of hazardous materials from any of the cars. One car containing plastic pellets broke open and spilled contents next to the tracks, but these were not hazardous, Schwartz said.

The train included two empty tank cars, five cars carrying urea fertilizer, and a car containing the nonflammable liquid used in dry cleaning, tetrachloroethylene, according to Chief Schwartz.

Data from the Federal Railroad Administration showed that there had been 149 incidents of hazardous materials being released from moving trains over the last decade, CNN reported in February.

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