Trey Gowdy Makes Sad Announcement About State Of Media In U.S.

( During the opening of his Fox News show “Sunday Night in America,” host Trey Gowdy lambasted both the American corporate news media and institutions for no longer acting as a “neutral referee” but instead behaving like a cheerleader for one side.

Using a baseball metaphor, Gowdy said that Americans expect the strike zone to be “the same for everyone,” adding the same rules should apply no matter which team you play on.

To Gowdy’s mind, both sides of the political spectrum believe that the system is “rigged” against them. Whether it is liberal bias in the media or on college campuses, both sides see the system rigged by different people.

Saying the symptoms might be different, Gowdy explains that the “underlying pathology is the same” – namely a belief that this unfairness is “pervasive.”

Watch the clip HERE.

Gowdy is right. The institutions Americans should be able to trust can no longer be trusted to remain neutral.

Whether it’s the news media or the IRS or the FBI, America’s institutions are exacerbating the divide by openly choosing sides.

While the FBI relentlessly pursues those who attended the January 6 pro-Trump rally in Washington, it turns a blind eye to the months-long violence and rioting that took place during last year’s BLM riots.

While investigation after investigation is conducted against Donald Trump and his family, Biden’s corrupt son Hunter is free to sell his ridiculous paintings for as much as 500 thousand dollars (all buyers will remain anonymous, go figure).

As Jesse Kelly often says, “The system takes care of its own.”

And so long as that is the case, there will be no “neutral referee” and there will be no government institution that remains free of political polarization.

Even the most historically reliable neutral institution, the US Military, has now fallen victim to politically motivated polarization.

The push to divide the country will inevitably result in a pushback. And the worse it gets, the more significant the pushback will be. In his Townhall column on Monday, Kurt Schlichter referred to the Biden presidency as The Coma Before the Storm. As to what that pushback might be, Schlichter only concludes “the people running things now won’t like it.”