Trey Gowdy Slams Bail Reform

( During his Fox News show Sunday evening, host Trey Gowdy condemned the Democrats’ continued push for bail reform especially in light of the Waukesha Christmas parade terror attack.

The suspect, Darrell Brooks Jr., has a long criminal history and just days before the Waukesha parade was released from jail on a measly $1,000 bond after being arrested on two felonies and three misdemeanor charges. Thanks to his ridiculously low bail, Brooks was able to plow his SUV into a crowd of people, killing six and injuring dozens.

Gowdy demanded to know why Brooks was given such a low bail. He listed the previous arrests in which Brooks was released on “low-cost bail” this year. “Now six body bags later,” Gowdy said, the prosecutors are finally acknowledging that Brooks’ bail was “inappropriately low.”

Railing against the Democrats pushing for bail reform, Gowdy said that public safety should be the priority.

Watch the segment HERE.

The Monday after Brooks plowed his SUV into the Christmas parade, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office announced it was launching an internal probe into how Brooks was granted such a low bond given the seriousness of the charges and his long criminal history.

In a statement, the DA’s office admitted that their bail recommendation was “inappropriately low” and was not consistent with the DA’s approach to violent crime, nor was it consistent “with the risk assessment of the defendant” before setting bail.

But not everyone is willing to give up on “bail reform” in light of Darrell Brooks’ terror attack.

John Gross, Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Director of the Public Defender Project argued that Brooks’ deadly attack was an “aberration.” Gross believes that the public will have a “knee-jerk reaction” and demand that violent criminals not be allowed back on the street. And that troubles him.

Arguing that suspects are presumed innocent, Gross believes suspects shouldn’t be locked up just because they might commit more violence while out on bail.

But the problem is low or no cash bail, not bail in general. New York State’s bail reform law has been a disaster. In New York City violent criminals are being released back on the street and committing more crimes, including murder.