Troops Had to Paint Over Obscene Messages to Terrorists Who Killed 13 Service Members

( On Monday, the Washington Post had a 2,249-word feature article chronicling the last hectic days of the hurried evacuation from Afghanistan. And it included an ever-so-brief tidbit that triggered outrage at the Gateway Pundit.

The Post mentioned that, after the suicide bombing in Kabul that killed 13 US service members, some of the troops deployed at the Kabul airport had spray-painted some rather obscene messages on the walls – mostly along the lines of “F*** ISIS” and “F*** Taliban.”

As they were preparing for the final departure from the airport, commanders ordered the troops to clean up the garbage and debris scattered around, and to paint over the obscene messages.

One Marine told the Post that having to pick up the trash on their way out of Kabul was “a slap in the face to us.”

The Post also spoke with First Lt. Jack Coppola, the Marine spokesman in the region, who confirmed that the obscene messages were painted over, and said that the order to pick up all the trash was to make sure flights weren’t impacted by scattered debris.

Given the Biden administration’s appeasement of the Taliban, it shouldn’t come as a galloping shock that they would be sensitive about leaving the vulgar messages in place after they left. Perhaps their justification for the order comes down to the fact that the US was bugging out of the country while leaving Americans and Afghan allies behind. No sense in raising the ire of the tenth century barbarians by leaving obscene messages for them at the airport.

Of course, that’s a rather flimsy reason. Even with no obscene messages spray-painted on the walls at the airport, the Taliban still began hunting down Afghan allies in order to kill them.

The Post article mentions that the troops were also ordered to destroy equipment on their way out of the airport as well – something those interviewed in the article admitted was very cathartic given the situation.

But because of Biden’s hurried, bungled withdrawal, the United States was forced to make nice with the very enemy we fought for nearly twenty years. It is hardly surprising that having to play clean-up crew for the Taliban didn’t sit well with these troops. It amounted to one final insult in a long line of humiliations.