Trump Asks Supreme Court To Watch Special Evidence

( As part of his ongoing legal battle to prevent the ultra-partisan House committee that claims to be investigating the January 6 riot from obtaining sealed White House records, former President Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to review a Washington Post interview with the chairman of the committee.

Lawyers representing the former president filed an additional brief on Wednesday, focusing on a report in the Washington Post from December 23 with Rep. Bennie Thompson – the chairman of the panel and a Democratic representative for Mississippi. In the interview, Thompson said that the “investigation” by the House committee would “warrant” a recommendation to the Department of Justice to pursue criminal charges against Trump.

Trump’s lawyers argued that the panel was overreaching in terms of its authority, and said that it proves this investigation is partisan in nature. That’s something the entire country knows by now, anyway, given that far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to seat any Republican member of Congress on the panel who supports President Donald Trump and disagrees with the false narrative that he incited a violent insurrection.

It’s a clear overreaching of authority and demonstrates the true intentions of this panel – to slap criminal charges on the former president, for whatever reason they can come up with, and stop him from running again in 2024.

Despite the obvious fact that former President Donald Trump called for peaceful protest, Thompson said in the Post interview that what they consider to be a “delay” in Trump not calling for people to end the riot could mean a criminal referral.

The problem? Trump had no control over the small contingent of people who chose to illegally enter the Capitol building – not to mention that he never called for a riot.

Last month, Trump asked the Supreme Court to block the release of sealed White House documents being sought by the extremist committee, and it’s yet to be seen how the panel will rule.