Trump Call Log Rumor Exposed As Fake News

( Last week, the corporate news media rushed to report that a 7-hour gap in the White House switchboard call logs from January 6 was proof of a cover-up by the Trump administration.

The only problem is the report was a lie. There was no cover-up. No pages in the switchboard call logs were missing. And the 7-hour gap was easily explained.

By Friday, all the media outlets that jumped on the so-called “Worse than Watergate” story were forced to walk back their initial claims and admit that the six pages leaked to the press by the January 6 select committee were complete.

In an “update” article on Friday, CNN reported that the 7-hour gap in the switchboard logs was explained by the use of White House landlines and cellphones, as well as personal phones – none of which would go through the White House switchboard. CNN also had to acknowledge that the 7-hour gap wasn’t because Trump was using “burner phones” as they initially claimed, nor was it because any pages from the official switchboard call logs were removed.

One source told CNN that it isn’t unusual that the switchboard log wouldn’t show calls from the Oval Office since Trump typically had his staff place the calls directly on landlines or cell phones. And direct calls wouldn’t show up on the switchboard call log because they don’t go through the switchboard. One former Obama staffer told CNN that Barack Obama did the same thing.

According to the CNN “update” on Friday, the White House call log is generated by an outdated switchboard system that dates back to the early 1960s, and the system isn’t suited for today’s communications technology.

These are the same media outlets that refused to report on the New York Post’s explosive story about Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop because they claimed it couldn’t be verified. But they wasted no time rushing to report this fake White House call log story.

It’s as if they’re going out of their way to prove Donald Trump right; they are the enemy of the people.