Trump “Deepfake” Video Poses Problems For National Security

( The Russian alternative to YouTube has created a “deepfake” video of former President Donald Trump announcing he is returning to social media by joining the Russian “RuTube.”

“Deepfake” is the term for manipulated videos that animate celebrities and public figures to make them appear to be saying or doing things they never said or did.

It is a popular genre of satire here in the United States.

In the video, a robotic-sounding Trump announces that, despite being off social media for a long time, he would not give up. The fake Trump tells the “losers and haters” that he has chosen a platform “where freedom of speech is not suppressed.” Then the fake Trump greets the Russian people and RuTube.

The fake Trump video was posted on a “Forever Trump” RuTube account and has been shared by other Russians, including the “Moscow News” Telegram account that has over 900,000 subscribers.

Why this is news in the United States is a mystery, however.

There is a cottage industry in making videos like this here in the United States. Many conservative meme-makers have turned it into a hilarious art form.

One such video-maker, Carpe Donktum, was so wildly popular, even former President Donald Trump would tweet out his videos. And because his videos were popular with Trump and embarrassed all the wrong people, Twitter finally suspended his account.

Though Carpe Donktum is no longer on Twitter, he still has a YouTube channel where he churns out plenty of videos, including a recent video of Joe Biden falling asleep in the Camp David situation room.