Trump Defends Family Separation Policy for Migrants

( — A report shows that former President Trump defended his administration’s decision to segregate several thousand migrant family units at the US/Mexico border, stating that it was an effective deterrent.

Trump said in an interview with Univision that when people hear that they’re going to be parted from their family, they don’t come to the border. His administration followed the family separation rule for some time. And so did President Barack Obama.

Reports show President Obama systematically isolated children from their parents at the border.

Obama’s administration targeted moms who entered the country illegally. Tent cities were utilized as shelters for the young.

President Trump believes Obama was far more lenient on immigration.

Obama did not devise Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, but Obama’s policies did lay the groundwork for the family separation enforcement approach that Trump had been using.

Between 2012 and 2016, the Department of Homeland Security submitted approximately 200,000 children to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), according to publicly available data. These children were either orphans or minors whom their relatives abandoned.

Personal stories from immigration attorneys portray a narrative of Obama worrying about unaccompanied children and seeking to establish a deterrent.

According to a report, to prevent illegal immigrants from trafficking children under the guise of a familial link, a DNA testing initiative was launched in 2019 under President Trump.

Cheek swabs were utilized to acquire DNA material. In most cases, analyzing such data to establish paternity took no more than 90 minutes.

Immigration regulations permit children to cross with their parents in order to request asylum. However, the data revealed that many of the children were not really connected to the claimed parents or relatives. Frequently, children were exploited, physically abused, or forced to transport narcotics.

Earlier this year, the Biden Administration announced that they would not continue the Trump-era pilot program that performed DNA testing on border crossers with children in tow.

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