Trump-endorsed Britt Sweeps In Primary

( In Tuesday’s Senate primary run-off in Alabama, Republican Katie Britt handily defeated Congressman Mo Brooks by a 25-point margin.

Brooks, a solid America First conservative and immigration hawk, initially received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump early on in the race. But after Brooks began to languish in the polls, Trump pulled his endorsement, citing comments Brooks made at an August Trump rally when he suggested it was time to move on from the 2020 election. Late in the game, the former President announced that he was endorsing Brooks’ run-off challenger, Katie Britt.

Britt, who is a former chief of staff for retiring Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, was already favored to win the run-off before Trump finally endorsed her. But coming in at the wire to offer his endorsement to the clear frontrunner gives the former President another opportunity to boast of his endorsement power.

Katie Britt was also supported by political action committees aligned with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In addition to McConnell-allied groups, Britt also received the endorsements of Republican Senators Tim Scott, Tom Cotton, Susan Collins, Shelley Moore Capito, Joni Ernst, and Deb Fischer.

Brooks portrayed Britt as an establishment RINO who would work against the conservative agenda in the Senate. Meanwhile, Britt portrayed herself as belonging to a new generation of conservatives while painting Brooks as an aging career politician.

Britt will face Democrat Will Boyd in November. If she wins the deep-red state, Katie Britt would be the first woman in Alabama history to be elected to the United States Senate.

On Wednesday, CNN reported that Mo Brooks signaled that he would comply with a pending subpoena from the January 6 select committee, but only under certain conditions.

Brooks said he would agree only to testify about issues related to January 6 and wanted to review ahead of time any documents he may be asked about, CNN reported.

Axios reported on Wednesday that Mo Brooks plans to retire from politics after Tuesday’s loss, telling Politico “the bad guys won.”