Trump ENEMY Has Reporter Dragged Away

Trump Enemy Dragged Away

( – Some guy who shows up at events and records himself shouting at people had to be forcefully removed from a recent event for shouting at Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Tayler Hansen, who bills himself an “independent reporter,” posted the video on Twitter showing him shouting at Bolton, demanding to know why people should trust him since he lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, war crimes in Afghanistan, and praised the arrest of Julian Assange.

Hansen was removed from the event.

Bolton jokingly told the audience that this was “another example of the First Amendment at work.”

Of course, since the point of the stunt wasn’t to get answers from Bolton but to get retweets on Twitter, Hansen accomplished his goal.

Hansen later told the The Gateway Pundit that when he read that Bolton would be speaking in Irving, Texas, “I couldn’t help myself.” He decided he would “confront” Bolton for lying about weapons of mass destruction and covering up war crimes in Afghanistan.

Regarding Julian Assange, Hansen said that it is Bolton who should be locked up, not Assange, adding “journalism is not a crime.”

Yes, journalism is not a crime. But going to an event to shout at someone because you have an agenda is not journalism.

Hansen told the Gateway Pundit blog that he was going to file a police report against the staff at the event for “assaulting” him.

Tayler Hansen, not to be mistaken for the singer Taylor Hanson, has made a reputation for himself as a cell phone “reporter” who deliberately provokes his subjects until he is physically removed.

During a Beto O’Rourke campaign event earlier this month, campaign staffers gave Hansen the bum’s rush when he tried to pull the same thing on their candidate.

He gained notoriety after the January 6 riot at the Capitol, appearing on Fox News’s “Ingraham Angle” where he claimed Antifa infiltrated the crowd and caused the riot.

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