Trump FAMILY MEMBER Calls For Federal Agents!

Mary Trump Wants DOJ To Go After Trump

( – Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, gave a dire warning as the results of the midterm elections continued to roll in on Wednesday.

Trump was a guest on SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show, where she talked about the midterm results and the possibility of the former president announcing another bid for the White House in less than a week.

During the conversation, Mary Trump expressed her wish that the Department of Justice would move swiftly on their decision whether or not to indict the 45th president.

Obeidallah asked if she was hopeful, not tomorrow, but in the near term, that “we’re going to see Donald Trump indicted for just one of his crimes — just pick any.”

She said she doesn’t know if she’s hopeful, but all she can say is she has to be. “I don’t know whether he will be, but he has to be because if he isn’t, then much worse things will start happening.”

Trump then pivoted the conversation to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and his pushback on DOJ voting site monitors.

She said, for example, this doesn’t have to do specifically with the former president, but we know that the DOJ has been sending agents around the country to monitor trouble spots, certain polling stations where they’re getting complaints, and DeSantis isn’t allowing them to do that. She seemingly tried to connect DeSantis and Trump with disrupting an election.

Trump said that DeSantis doesn’t have the right to keep them out. It was federal law versus state law. “So he should be — he should be carried out in handcuffs for interfering with what the DOJ feels is necessary to keep the election in Florida free and fair,” Trump added.

Trump said the ultimate decision on the former president’s indictment would boil down not only to the amount of evidence acquired by the DOJ but the serious actions Trump could take in retaliation.

“I guess if they feel that they have enough evidence to indict, it would be shocking if they didn’t. Cause I think we all know that they did like two years ago,” she said.

She then said Donald’s announcement that he is running for president would be a way of claiming that any attacks on him would be political.

“So I think the DOJ has about a week,” she concluded.

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