Trump Family Member Says Trump Family Not Charged Because There’s Nothing To Charge!

( Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, spoke out last week about the political efforts to destroy his father’s business empire after he left the White House. Speaking to Newsmax, he said he wasn’t surprised by the Manhattan’s prosecutor’s office didn’t decide to charge his father or his children with any crimes…

It’s because they haven’t committed any!

It comes after the Manhattan District Attorney revealed that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has been charged over accusations that he did not pay taxes on a number of perks granted to him by his employer.

Speaking to Greg Kelly on “Greg Kelly Reports,” Trump said that after pouring over 3.5 million pages of his father’s financial records over the last four years, they couldn’t find a single thing to charge him. He also said that the DA isn’t really going after Allen Weisselberg, but President Trump instead…because they don’t have anything on him!

Eric Trump said that the Trump Organization, which covers former President Trump’s real estate and other businesses, is a “really, really good company.”

Which sounds about right. How many other businesses can say that if you analyze millions of pages of their financial paperwork, that the DA couldn’t find a single thing to charge the business owner with? Let’s be real here.

Eric Trump said that the Trump Organization is the “best in the world” at what they do, from running golf courses to some of the most luxurious buildings on earth.

He also told Newsmax that he has no concerns that his father or any of his siblings will face any charges because they have all lived “amazingly clean lives.”

That’s something the son of President Joe Biden can’t say…

Eric Trump also added that if the DA had anything on any of the Trumps, they would have been charged by now.

At what point will this political persecution end?

We’ll report back once we learn more about the charged by DA Cyrus Vance Jr. about fringe benefits received by Weisselberg, and whether those charges will even hold up.

You can watch Eric Trump’s interview here.