Trump Gives Information To Court Amid Legal Fight

( Former President Donald Trump testified on Monday for a lawsuit filed by activists who claim that they were attacked by his security guards six years ago.

Yes, six years ago.

Attorney Benjamin Dictor told AFP that the former president sat for around four and a half hours under oath, answering questions relating to the events that took place outside of his New York City Trump Tower on September 3, 2015.

The fact that a lawsuit has gone on for this long is incredible, isn’t it? And it almost appears like an effort to embarrass the former president by making him testify. How many times must he have been forced to repeat himself when testifying about a brief scuffle outside of his NYC skyscraper six years ago for four and a half hours?

Activists, all of Mexican descent, claim that bodyguards protecting Trump, who was then a presidential candidate, used violence to break up a protest that they were holding outside of Trump Tower.

So to be clear here: these people turn up and protest outside of Trump Tower, knowing that Trump would have security and that they would protect him, and then they file a lawsuit against him claiming that they were hurt by the bodyguards who were there to protect him?


The protesters were there as a result of then-candidate Trump’s admissions that many of the people who illegally cross the border are bringing crime, drugs, and committing rape. A statement that was objectively true.

Plaintiffs claim that guards ripped signs from their hands, and even punched and choked one of the demonstrated.

We’ll update you on the results of the suit. It’s unclear whether the deposition will ever be made public, so until then, we won’t really know what went on here.