Trump In Better Position Than 2016, Strategist Says

( — In a recent appearance on MSNBC, contributor Matthew Dowd claimed that Donald Trump is in a better position in the 2024 Republican primary than he was during the 2016 primary, The Epoch Times reported.

Dowd, a Democrat who 20 years ago worked on George W. Bush’s 2004 presidential campaign, said during a panel discussion on MSNBC’s “Lindsey Reiser Reports” that Trump was initially polling at only 14 to 15 percent in 2015 whereas today, as a former president, he has a “much more dominant position.”

Like most mainstream news outlets, MSNBC is eager for Donald Trump to win the 2024 nomination, under the belief that Trump will easily lose to Joe Biden in the General Election. To that end, Dowd’s previous work as a Republican strategist has made him a go-to source to promote Trump’s campaign on the network.

Another panelist, far-left MSNBC reporter Ali Vitali added that Trump will benefit from a crowded primary field as it will divide the anti-Trump vote among more candidates, allowing Trump to win the nomination without carrying the majority of Republican primary votes.

Dowd then suggested that the only way another Republican could defeat Trump for the nomination will be if there is “some external event” like more legal problems for the former president. Dowd said without such an external event, he doesn’t know how any Republican can defeat Trump.

While there aren’t as many Republicans vying for the nomination this time around as there were in 2016, many of those who are running are unlikely to make it to the debate stage next month due to the RNC’s rules for qualifying.

Politico reported last week that nearly all of the national primary polls conducted so far do not meet the RNC’s requirements.

To qualify for the debate, candidates must get at least 1 percent support in four national primary polls that survey more than 800 likely voters. But according to Politico, only two of the last 70 polls included more than 800 likely voters.

For example, the recent Fox News poll showing Trump with a 34-point lead only surveyed 391 registered, not likely, voters.

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