Trump Is Happy After New Poll Shows Him Surging After FBI Raid

( Donald Trump is cheering a recent poll that shows increased Republican support for voting in the midterms after the partisan FBI raided the former president’s home, according to Summit News. Trafalgar Group published a poll that asked Americans whether the FBI raid increased their motivation to vote in 2022. 70.4% of respondents said yes, while 83.3% of Republicans said yes.

Trump shared the poll on his social media app Truth Social. He also shared a question that asked Republican respondents who they think was behind the FBI raid on the former president. Nearly 9% of said they were not sure, 14.5% responded “the impartial justice system,” and a whopping 76.7% said “Trump’s political enemies.” As a whole, however, nearly half of respondents blamed Trump’s political enemies as motivation for the attack, whereas nearly 38% of respondents attributed it to the “impartial justice system.”

The FBI raided Trump’s home after they were tipped off by an informant alleging that he still possessed classified documents that should have been handed over the National Archives and Records Administration. According to Trump’s lawyers, the FBI forcefully entered the home in Mar-a-Lago with backpacks and demanded that the cameras be shut off. Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted that he approved the search warrant, saying that no one is above the law.

Leftist outlets are relishing in the raid, but some are reportedly speculating that the partisan raid is only going to benefit Trump as it motivates his base and other conservatives. The Washington Post recently put out a false story alleging that Trump is dissatisfied with the way his lawyers are handling the situation but the former president has since rebuked that on Truth Social.

“The WAPO story that “Trump is scrambling to add seasoned lawyers” to the Mar-a-Lago Raid case is, as usual, FAKE NEWS,” he wrote. “I already have excellent and experienced lawyers – am very happy with them. This is highly political prosecutorial misconduct, I have not been charged with anything and, most importantly, I did nothing wrong. Thank you!”

The FBI has experienced an increase in the number of threats they have received which has put Truth Social on big tech’s radar for being de-platformed for allegedly allowing violence on the app.