Trump Is Rallying For Sarah Palin In Alaska

( According to a source from The Hill, former President Donald Trump is planning to spend the weekend in Alaska to show his support for the congressional campaign of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and for Kelly Tshibaka, who is challenging incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski.

A Republican congressman serving Alaska’s at-large district for 49 years, Don Young, passed away unexpectedly in March, prompting the state of Alaska to hold a special election for that seat. Palin’s rally on Saturday comes in the wake of this news.

On August 16, Palin will compete for the seat against Democratic state Rep. Mary Sattler Peltola and Republican Nick Begich III, a long-standing Alaska political family member. Palin’s opponent will be a Republican.

Meanwhile, Tshibaka is campaigning to remove Murkowski, a Republican moderate who has long been the target of criticism from the party’s more conservative members.

Last year, as reported by CNN, Trump wrote through the Save America PAC that he was looking forward to campaigning for Kelly Tshibaka in the state of Alaska. “She has my Full and Unqualified Support!” is how I feel about her. He went on to say that Kelly Tshibaka is the only candidate with a chance of defeating Lisa Murkowski and that she will.

“Murkowski has got to go!”

In an interview conducted in April by The New York Times, Murkowski stated that she “may have to accept that” Alaskans want a candidate who is more partisan than herself to represent them on a statewide level rather than herself.

“It’s possible that I’m the last one left. “It’s possible that I won’t be reelected,” the senator said. “It is possible that Alaskans will respond by saying, ‘Nope, we want to go with an absolute, down-the-line, always, always, 100-percent, never-question, rubber-stamp Republican.'”

Murkowski and Tshibaka will fight against one another on August 16 in a blanket primary held under Alaska’s ranked-choice voting system. The top four candidates will then move on to the general election.

The two are by far the most famous candidates standing for the office, with top Democrat Edgar Blatchford, a recurrent contender who was formerly the mayor of Seward, likely coming in a distant third place.