Trump Jr. Asks Why This Thanksgiving Is Most Expensive In History Under Biden

( Donald Trump Jr., the son of former President Donald Trump, knows why this year will be the most expensive Thanksgiving in history. It’s President Biden’s fault.

The eldest son of the former president shared a tweet from The New York Times on Monday which explained how the cost of Thanksgiving dinner will be more expensive than at any other time in American history, and noted that the Times article didn’t once mention President Joe Biden.

Instead, the article blamed the problem on supply chain problems and the rising cost of ingredients…which are ultimately Joe Biden’s responsibilities.

He’s the president, isn’t he?

“Wait, what happened???” Trump Jr. sarcastically asked. “I was told, very sanctimoniously, that we should be grateful to have saved $.16 on my 5th of July BBQ that the government was so gracious to allow me to have.”

He was referencing a controversial Twitter post made by the Biden administration earlier this year bragging that people may save $0.16 on their food that Independence Day.

How times have changed, in such a short period of time!

In the article from The Times, it’s revealed how the Consumer Price Index has seen a 4.6% increase in the cost of food compared to last year, with the cost of fish, eggs, poultry, and meat rising by 10.5%.

Trump Jr. knows whose fault it is…and so does everyone else.