Trump Launches Manhunt For “Rat” Who Betrayed Him To Feds

( Following the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago resort house, a new report claims that the “paranoid” former president, Donald Trump, is looking for the “rat” in his organization. He also believes he is being wiretapped “by Biden.”

The raid on Trump’s Florida home on Monday shook up the political climate and dominated a news media that was eager for information. Trump allegedly launched a secret drive to find out who was speaking to authorities amid a public attempt to falsely accuse the FBI of the search.

Asawin Suebsaeng of Rolling Stone claims that a “paranoid” Trump has been looking for a “rat” in his organization for months:

This summer, Trump has questioned intimate friends and family members about whether they believe the federal government, or, in his words, “Biden,” is listening in on his interactions. According to a person close to Trump, “He has questioned me and others.

He asked them if they believed the phones were tapped. The source said, “I do not think he’s assuming anything is outside the realm of possibility.”

The raid on Monday has further heightened this fear, and “the upper crust of MAGAland has already began wildly speculating about who the snitch may be,” according to the article.

According to a Trump advisor, MAGA supporters have been demanding to inform Trump of their misgivings since Tuesday, urging him to distrust certain people and look into their probable relationships with federal agencies. The adviser claims that she receives several texts stating that this person must be the informant and that Trump should begin conducting phone checks on his employees. “To be honest, a lot of it feels like people trying to screw over the ones they don’t like in Trumpworld,” she said.

But if there actually is an informant, is that paranoia?
According to Christina Bobb and Lindsey Halligan, two Trump lawyers who were there at the time, the search warrant was partially sealed. Trump has so far refused to make the document public. However, shocking revelations to Newsweek’s William Arkin from government sources claim that the search was the result of a “confidential human source.”

These leaks, which came from two very well-connected government sources, may have been done at least partly to cause the kind of conflict that Rolling Stone is detailing.