Trump LEADING In Florida According To Historically Accurate Trafalgar Group Polling

( According to a poll from the Trafalgar Group, a historically accurate polling organization that predicted a Trump win in key swing states in 2016, the president is leading Joe Biden in Florida. Just days before election day, the new poll suggests the president is on track to win the state that is widely considered to be vital for his re-election.

According to the survey, which was performed between October 25 and 28, the president has a 2.7% lead over the former vice president. Trump has 49.6% support in the state compared to Biden’s 46.9%.

And, with only days until the election days – and President Donald Trump committing to attending several rallies a day until then – Joe Biden has a challenge ahead of him to make up those numbers.

Chief Trafalgar Group pollster Robert Cahaly published the latest numbers, which also showed 1.5% support for the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen.

Trafalgar Group is one of few polling organizations that take steps to address biases in polling and has done since the first Trump campaign. The new numbers for Florida stand in contrast to the average RealClearPolitics figures that show the Democratic presidential nominee winning in Florida by 1.2%.

President Donald Trump has reason to be positive about Florida right now, too. Republicans are massively outpacing the Democrats in early voting throughout Florida, despite Democrats being more likely to turn out early.

Democrats currently have an advantage of 637,912 in absentee voting, but Republicans have an early voter advantage of 474,229. It means likely Trump voters have significantly narrowed the gap against Democrat ballots over the last week, and if Republicans turn out in high numbers on election day, it could just seal the deal for President Donald Trump.

If the president wins Florida, it den