Trump Makes Announcement With Madison Cathorn

( Representative Madison Cathorn, the youngest member of Congress since Jed Johnson Jr. and the representative for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district, appeared alongside former President Donald Trump in a video published to Twitter this week.

Cawthorn, who is paralyzed from the waist down, appeared standing with the help of a walking frame next to the president and said he had “big things coming in 2022.”

“Hello everybody, I’m down here in Mar-a-Lago with the greatest President our country has ever had,” he said in the clip.

“We have big things coming in 2022 Mr. President, big things coming!” he added.

The former president then chipped in saying that Madison is a friend of his but that, more importantly, he has done an “incredible job in Congress.”

“And he’s got a very big future and I’m with him all the way,” President Trump said. “He has my endorsement. He has my complete and total, as I like to say, endorsement. And he’s a very special guy and let’s back him all the way whatever he wants to do.”

The video was effectively an endorsement for Cawthown who will face re-election in the 2022 midterm elections. Though, as a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, the endorsement will serve only to rally Cawthorn’s base and potentially not much else.

While neither Cawthorn nor Trump expanded on what their plans were, the reference to 2022 seems to indicate that the pair are working together either on his own campaign in North Carolina, or also on a series of other campaigns and primary challenges.

Cawthorn is one of the most outspoken defenders of President Donald Trump in Congress and revealed in October last year how his home was vandalized because of his support for the president.

“This was back on Friday, Oct. 9, I was waking up to go take engagement photos with my fiance, which I was very excited about,” he told Fox & Friends.

“And then I wake up to these vandals, these little punks on my driveway, you know, they were glueing some of my signs to the driveway, they were spray painting pretty not so subtle threats on to them and then they were cutting the head and neck out of out my signs all over the district,” he added.

If he has more plans to work with the president, we can probably expect to hear a lot more screeching and complaining about Cawthorn in the future.

In the meantime, we’ll be sure to update you if more details are revealed for the pair’s plans for 2022.