Trump Makes Big Splash In The Election Race

( In today’s GOP, polar opposites Mitt Romney and Josh Hawley agree on one thing: Former President Donald J. Trump’s standing as the Republican Party’s kingmaker.

According to news reports, the two senators can’t help but view things the same way after the former President’s backing of former critic J.D. Vance propelled him to the GOP Senate nomination in Ohio. Hawley (R-MO ) believes Donald Trump is the head of the party, and he feels that is apparent. Further, he believes Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President if he chooses to run in 2024.

Romney, who voted twice to convict Trump in impeachment proceedings and spoke out against him more than any other sitting Republican senator, believes that anyone who claims Trump is going away is not grounded in reality.

In an interview, Romney explained that he doesn’t mislead himself into thinking his party mates have the same personal opinions of Trump as he has. And he doesn’t see anything derailing support for Donald Trump. Therefore, if Trump decides he wants to be the nominee in 2024, he has an excellent chance.

Despite all the reports that claim Trump’s authority is declining after losing in 2020 and being impeached for allegedly encouraging an insurgency, his triumph in Ohio shows that the Republican Party is firmly in his grasp. In interviews with over a dozen GOP senators, in their opinions, Trump seemed to outshine other Republican figures significantly.

Trump-backed House candidates Max Miller and Madison Gesiotto Gilbert swept their respective Ohio primaries. J.R. Majewski, a Trump supporter who uses paint to turn his lawn into art supporting the former President, defeated two more well-funded opponents.

Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan told a media outlet that there has never been a political endorsement in American history as powerful as President Trump’s.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley told a news organization that even in the races Trump hasn’t endorsed, those primaries are centered around him anyway. He is ramping up his activities and getting more involved in races, even though he doesn’t need to be because everyone feels they already have Donald Trump’s support.