Trump May Have Baited The FBI After All

Last week, The Gateway Pundit claimed Peter Strzok may not have ever worked for the FBI but was instead a CIA plant. 

The right-wing blog based its assertions on a few things, including a 2015 FBI memo from Strzok in which he referred to himself as “Section Chief Counterespionage Section.” 

According to the Gateway Pundit, Strzok’s position at the FBI should have been described as “Deputy Assistant Director Counterintelligence Division” not “Section Chief,” therefore Strzok was really a CIA official only pretending to work for the FBI for twenty years. 

The Gateway Pundit also claims that it could find no evidence that Strzok ever graduated from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Nor could the Gateway Pundit find any evidence that Strzok ever worked at an FBI field office before working at FBI headquarters.  

Because it couldn’t find any proof that he ever worked at a field office or graduated from the academy, the Gateway Pundit believes this is proof that Peter Strzok was sent by the CIA to work for the FBI as a way to “disguise” the CIA’s RussiaGate operation as an FBI operation, therefore the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home had its roots in the CIA. 

Of course, Peter Strzok has not been with the FBI for four years.  

In July 2017, Strzok, who was working on the Mueller Investigation into Russian collusion, was fired from the Special Counsel’s office after his personal text messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page were uncovered.  

The following year, after the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General found that he violated FBI rules and referred his case to prosecutors, the FBI fired Strzok in August 2018.