Trump Moving May Have Accidentally Helped His Enemies

( New York officials are still desperate to try and find something to pin on former President Donald Trump, and reports now suggest that Trump’s move to Florida might give prosecutors even more time to carry out their investigation into his finances.

Normally, officials in the state of New York have five years from the date that an alleged crime took place to file felony charges – however, former President Trump’s move to Florida, which was made permanent in 2020, means officials may now have another five years to continue digging.

If Trump had committed a crime, they would have found something by now. But they haven’t.

The flagging probe, which claims that the former president avoided taxes and misled banks in the early 2000s, has hit several roadblocks so far. Not only have they found nothing to suggest that the former president committed a crime, but two senior officials from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office resigned earlier this year in what was widely seen as a sign that District Attorney Alvin Bragg had nothing on Trump.

Trump’s lawyer, Ronald Fischetti, told The New York Times that New York officials had the opportunity to present its findings from its investigation to the DA and his senior staff, but have failed to do so on several occasions so far.

Reports also revealed how Bragg and his investigators have disagreed over whether or not there is sufficient evidence to prove that Trump falsified financial records.

If there is no agreement, then what does that tell you?

They’ve got nothing. What do they think they’re going to find if they use the law to grant themselves another five years to investigate?