Trump Pitched Idea To Run For House Speaker – Says It’s “Interesting”

( Last week Steve Bannon floated the idea that former President Donald Trump run for Congress in 2022 and make a play to become Speaker of the House.

During a subsequent interview with radio host Wayne Allen Root, Trump was asked what he thought of the idea.

Calling it “interesting,” President Trump said that others suggested he run for the Senate, but the idea of running for Speaker, to him, was much better.

Naturally, the media believes that Trump is literally considering running for Speaker of the House.

In 2015, reporter Salena Zito famously said Trump supporters take him seriously, but not literally. The press, on the other hand, take Trump literally, but not seriously.

In reporting on this exchange, the Hill went into a lengthy explainer as to how complicated such a run for Congress would be for Trump while claiming this brief exchange in a radio interview “underscores the eagerness many in the GOP have” to Trump making “some kind of return to politics.”

If anyone is eager to have Donald Trump back, it’s more likely the news media than anyone else. Without Trump, cable news ratings are cratering. “Mainstream” publications, loath to investigate the Democrats or report on Biden’s failings, desperately seek Trump content they can flog endlessly.

Which is exactly why such a throw-away portion of a radio interview gets splashed across the pages of news outlets.

They can’t quit him.

Why would Donald Trump run for Congress? On its face it makes no sense – especially if he is still serious about making another run for the White House.

But if there is one thing Donald Trump knows about the media, it’s how easy it is to troll them. Especially now that they are desperate for Trump content.

When he issued a statement last week in response to Facebook’s decision to keep him off its platform for at least two years, Trump’s phrase “Next time I’m in the White House” sent the press reeling.

More than likely, the thing Trump finds most “interesting” about the Speaker idea is just how quickly the media will run with it if he responds.