Trump Promises “Justice” For January 6th Supporters

( Former President Donald Trump told a crowd in North Carolina on Saturday that he intends to seek “justice” for January 6 prisoners who have faced extreme measures from prosecutors for their involvement in the riots on Capitol Hill.

The former president, who told rioters to leave on the day of the protest and specifically called on everybody present to stay peaceful, said that he would support efforts to protect January 6 prisoners from unfair treatment and delayed trials. He also threw his weight behind efforts to seek justice for those who have already been sentenced or treated unfairly.

“We will, while we’re at it, demand justice for the January 6 protesters and full protection of their civil rights,” the former president said. “Like was received by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, who murdered people throughout our country.”

He’s not wrong, is he?

Antifa and Black Lives Matter spent 2020 burning down cities and murdering innocent people on the street, but the Democrats looked the other way and thousands of cases were dropped…in the name of social justice.

Meanwhile, over 750 people were arrested after the storming of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and over 70 people have so far have been given criminal sentences.

Trump’s comments have already made Democrats very, very mad.

Because…insurrection! Or something!