Trump Ranked As Best Golfer President

Golf Digest recently ranked former presidents by their golf handicap and former President Donald Trump came out on top, prompting the Trump Derangement crowd to once again lose its ever-loving mind.

Last Sunday, Golf Digest tweeted a graphic titled “Presidential Golfers Ranked By Handicap” that included the top 12 presidential handicaps showing Donald Trump ranked number one with a handicap of 2.8. Joe Biden came in second with 6.7 followed by John F. Kennedy in third with a handicap of 7.

Infamous golfer-in-chief Barack Obama was in 9th place with a handicap of 13. And William Howard Taft rounded out the twelve with a handicap of 20.

Blue check Leftists on Twitter, who never tire of finding a reason to get angry about Trump – or anything for that matter — blasted Golf Digest and accused the former President of only having such a low handicap because he is a notorious cheater.

Sports writer Richard Reilly said Trump’s handicap is “at best” a ten, adding that Trump only posts “fake good scores” while “inflating the slope and ratings of his courses.”

But Reilly also took issue with the handicaps Golf Digest assigned to Biden, Obama, and William Howard Taft, calling the whole list “phonier than Velveeta on spam.”

This is a fundamental problem with Twitter.

It is impossible to tweet anything on any topic without a swarm of perpetually angry people descending like locusts to complain.

And when the tweet has anything at all to do with Donald Trump, that is doubly true.