Trump Reports MISTAKE – Ron DeSantis Update

Trump Thinks Ron DeSantis Made A Mistake

( – Last weekend, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recorded a robocall for Colorado Republican Senate candidate Joe O’Dea who is challenging incumbent Democrat Michael Bennett in next week’s midterms. And former President Trump was miffed about it.

In his robocall, DeSantis endorsed O’Dea and urged Colorado voters to get out and vote for him on November 8.

DeSantis has played a major role in the midterm elections, campaigning for Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Senate candidate Blake Masters. This past weekend, DeSantis was in New York campaigning with gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin at a packed rally in Long Island.

But because O’Dea recently criticized the former president and said that he would campaign against Trump should he run for the GOP nomination in 2024, Trump attacked O’Dea, accusing him of being a RINO and saying MAGA Republicans won’t vote for “stupid people with big mouths.”

The former president, who vowed to help Republicans retake the House and Senate was none too happy that DeSantis was helping Republicans retake the Senate by endorsing O’Dea.

The thin-skinned Trump took to Truth Social last weekend, posting a link to the Washington Examiner article about DeSantis endorsing O’Dea and adding a 3-word comment, “A BIG MISTAKE.”


Why is it a mistake for a wildly popular Republican governor to endorse a Republican Senate candidate who is running against an incumbent Democrat? Isn’t the point to help Republicans retake the Senate?

A bigger mistake is undermining the Republicans’ chances in the Senate out of personal spite.

Republicans need every win they can get next week coloif they want to wrestle the Senate away from Chuck Schumer and the Democrats. Joe O’Dea may not be the ideal Republican candidate, but he is still the Republican candidate, and having him in the US Senate instead of Michael Bennett is a net positive. Ron DeSantis gets that, which is why he is campaigning for Republican candidates nationwide.

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