Trump Reveals Graceful Relationship He Had With Kim Jong Un

( President Joe Biden hasn’t been able to crack North Korea, or even come close to making any progress in dealing with its authoritarian leader Kim Jong Un, but former President Donald Trump offered him a master class in diplomacy this week when he expressed positive feelings towards the nation’s leader – and even President Vladimir Putin!

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News, in one of his first long-form interviews after leaving the White House, President Trump said that he got along well with Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un…even though his administration took tough action on them both.

“I got along great with President Putin. I liked him, he liked me,” he added.

The former president also defended his relationship with Kim Jong Un, having spearheaded historic discussions with the secretive communist leader.

But for some reason, left-wing activists thought his comments were “beyond parody.”

What is it with the Democrats and their supporters preferring war to diplomacy?

President Donald Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to enter North Korean territory, and engaged in discussions designed to stop the nuclearization of the state. While the discussions eventually died down – particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic – former members of the Trump administration have said that there were plans to continue those discussions during a second term.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the “Ruthless” podcast, in a discussion released on Thursday, that he regrets that the Trump administration didn’t make more progress on the denuclearization of North Korea in the first term.

“We convinced him not to do more nuclear testing and more long-range missile testing, but we weren’t able to get him to give up his nuclear program,” he said, referring to Kim Jong Un.

Pompeo also said that the famous trip to North Korea, during which President Trump stepped onto North Korean territory with Kim Jong Un himself, was designed to reduce tensions with the country after President Donald Trump warned that the United States would unleash “fire and fury” if North Korea didn’t stop making threats.

And it proved to be the “Art of the Deal” when the president and Kim built the best relationship between the two countries in decades.

“We were trying to take the tension level down and create a situation where we could have a rational discussion,” Pompeo added. “The president was prepared to consider whether a summit might be appropriate. It was really quite the, quite the experience.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s administration is on the warpath with Russia and has made little to zero progress on dealing with North Korea.

Democrats can laugh all they like, but Biden’s inability to engage in constructive diplomacy could soon prove to be a pretty serious problem.