Trump Reveals He’s Still Got It As Enemies Flounder

( During the political roundtable on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, some panelists, including Chris Christie, Donna Brazile, and Sara Isgur, suggested that candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump aren’t getting any boost from his endorsement. And Donald Trump took issue with the criticism.

Sara Isgur, a writer from the anti-Trump publication The Dispatch, suggested that Republicans may want to consider what it means for the party that Trump’s endorsements don’t have any impact. She suggested that voters aren’t being moved by his endorsement.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pointed out that Trump’s pick in the Georgia governor’s race, former Senator David Perdue, is polling seven points behind the incumbent Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

“That tells you something about what the endorsement means,” Christie added.

Democrat strategist Donna Brazile said Trump is “causing chaos and division” in the Republican party.

Unhappy with the comments, Trump released a statement on Sunday calling “This Week” a “low-rated” political show and boasting that his endorsements have more impact now than before the 2020 election.

Trump claimed his endorsements have an “almost unblemished” record in victories, adding that “real pollsters” consider his endorsements the “strongest” in history.

The former president also took credit for Mitch McConnell getting reelected in 2020, saying McConnell was among the “politicians who wouldn’t be in power now” had it not been for Trump’s endorsement.

He closed by blasting the “Fake News” for doing everything in their power to “diminish and belittle” his political influence, adding that “the people know” and so too do the candidates seeking Trump’s endorsement.

In a Quinnipiac poll conducted in late January, Brian Kemp held a 7-point lead over former Senator David Purdue, 43 percent to 36 percent. That was a significant shift from a Fox 5 poll conducted in early December which found Kemp and Purdue tied at 34 percent.

Both polls, however, took place before Trump got spoiler candidate Vernon Jones out of the race.