Trump Says He and Youngkin Believe in the Same Policies

( Despite the Democrats’ relentless attempts to paint Glenn Youngkin as a Trump clone, they failed. Tuesday night, Youngkin beat McAuliffe in the deep blue state Joe Biden won by nearly ten points just one year ago.

But the constant attacks on Trump must have gotten under the former President’s skin. On Monday, Trump released a statement blasting the media for making it seem as though he and Glenn Youngkin didn’t get along.

Trump slammed the “fake news” and the “perverts” whose campaign ads ran on Fox News for trying to create the impression that he and Youngkin were at odds “and don’t like each other.” Trump said this wasn’t true, that they “get along very well” and “strongly believe” in a lot of the same policies – especially when it comes to education.

Trump said the reason the media was trying to drive a wedge between him and Youngkin was to discourage his Virginia supporters from going to the polls. If that’s the case, it didn’t work, did it?

McAuliffe, who made his entire campaign about Trump, leaped onto Trump’s statement as proof (proof, I tell you!) of this mythical “dangerous alliance” between Youngkin and Trump. He released a statement of his own accusing Youngkin of bringing “Trumpism” to Virginia “disguised in a fleece vest and khakis.” He accused Youngkin of running for governor for only one person, namely Donald Trump.

Funny. The only person who made the election about Trump was Terry McAuliffe.

Youngkin focused on issues important to Virginians while Terry focused on Trump – a fact Glenn Youngkin made the most of in a campaign ad over the weekend:

The Democrats’ strategy to link every Republican to Donald Trump didn’t work out the way they had hoped. Virginia’s statewide elections went to the Republican candidates. Youngkin even flipped Montgomery and Virginia Beach counties which Joe Biden won in 2020.

Even deep-blue Loudoun County, which Joe Biden won by a massive 25 points, Youngkin only lost to McAuliffe by ten and a half points.