Trump Says Hillary Clinton Is About To Pay For Her Crimes

( Former President Donald Trump hasn’t yet officially announced his intention to run in the 2024 presidential election, but if his recent campaign ads are anything to go by…we should expect it sometime soon.

After Special Counsel John Durham revealed in a court filing this week that his investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe found Clinton campaign workers spying on the Trump campaign, the former president hit back in the form of a campaign video.

The video reveals the details of Durham’s investigation, describing how an attorney for Clinton’s 2016 campaign named Michael Sussman worked with tech executives and workers in major tech firms to spy on communications coming into and out of Trump Tower in New York City. The spying on Trump reportedly continued well into his presidency.

The video starts with Clinton laughing, and then former President Donald Trump telling 60 Minutes that the biggest scandal of the entire thing was how the Democrats spied on his campaign. Host Leslie Stahl brushed Trump off claiming that it couldn’t be verified…but the campaign ad proves otherwise.

The video includes a montage of reporters revealing “Trump was right” about the story, and even some suggesting that Hillary Clinton could go to prison over the scandal.

It ends with a message in big letters that reads, “THE SCANDAL BIGGER THAN WATERGATE,” and “JUSTICE IS COMING FOR HILLARY CLINTON.”

You can watch the ad here.

It’s pretty much the perfect ad to launch a fresh campaign with – especially if the mainstream media isn’t going to cover the story. Trump will have to promote the evidence himself.

We should expect to hear something official from Trump’s “Save America” campaign after this year’s midterm elections.