Trump Says Howard Stern’s Show Has “Gone To Hell”

Trump Says Howard Stern's Show Has "Gone To Hell"

( – Last weekend, former President Donald Trump used his Truth Social account to take a random jab at radio host Howard Stern.

In a Truth Social post last Saturday, Trump observed that Stern’s show “has gone to Hell,” and he doesn’t have the audience he used to.

The former president claimed that Stern’s radio show used to be “hot” when he “loved Trump.” But when Stern “decided to go with Crooked Hillary,” his ratings “collapsed.”

Unlike Trump’s usual pattern of attacking after someone attacks him, his slam on Howard Stern did not appear to be prompted by any recent criticism. But that isn’t to say Stern hasn’t been critical of Trump in the past.

Back in September, the “shock jock” weighed in on the former president’s ongoing legal battles, saying Trump would likely get away with having classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago.

During his SiriusXM show on September 12, Stern was discussing the report that the FBI found over 100 classified documents during its August raid of Mar-a-Lago, telling listeners he didn’t know how the Justice Department couldn’t “indict the dude.” At the same time, Stern suggested that Trump might “get away with it,” adding Trump “gets away with all kinds of sh*t.”

Stern offered his theories as to why Trump had possession of the documents, even suggesting that Trump may have taken them to sell them to foreign adversaries.

Stern said the one thing he knows about Donald Trump is “the guy just wants to be the focus of attention” and have “the whole world looking at him.” And “son of a gun,” that is what he is getting, Stern added. He pointed out that despite Joe Biden being the president, the only thing the media is reporting on is Trump.

He concluded the segment by suggesting that Trump has “got to be on cloud nine” because everyone is “paying attention to him.”

Donald Trump made 40 appearances on Howard Stern’s radio and syndicated TV shows from 1993 until 2015, 18 of them after his NBC reality show “The Apprentice” aired in 2004, according to TrumpOnStern.

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