Trump Sent Letter To Journalist Bashing Bill Barr

( Former Trump Attorney General William Barr has a book out this week about his time in the Trump Justice Department so he’s been making the rounds giving interviews. And former President Trump is none too happy about some of the things Bill Barr is saying both in his book and during his interviews.

After Barr sat down for an interview with NBC News anchor Lester Holt last Sunday, in a fit pique, the former president wrote an angry rebuttal letter to Holt.

Barr’s book, “One Damn Thing After Another” which was released on Tuesday is at times harshly critical of Trump. Barr disputes Trump’s claims about voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election and argues that Republicans would be better off moving past Trump and his “erratic personal behavior” in 2024. Barr writes that Donald Trump cared more about himself than he did the nation as a whole.

So Trump decided to send Lester Holt a letter disputing Barr’s claims.

In his letter, the former president said Bill Barr wanted to be accepted by the Washington elite and the media more than he wanted to serve the American people. He accused his former AG of being “slow” and “lethargic,” and claimed he knew early on that Bill Barr “never had what it takes to make a great Attorney General.”

Trump also told Holt that Barr was so intimidated by the Democrats’ threats to impeach him or hold him in contempt that “they broke him just like a trainer breaks a horse.”

Then the former president pivoted to the 2020 election, arguing that there is “massive amounts of evidence” that fraud took place, but Barr refused to investigate it. He included in his letter recent reports of irregularities out of Wisconsin. Then he rehashed the claims of fraud from other swing states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

On Monday, Barr continued his media rounds, speaking with NBC’s “Today Show” host Savannah Guthrie where he dismissed Trump’s attacks against him as “par for the course.”