Trump Slams Chris Wallace as ‘Poor Man’s Version of his Father’

( Former President Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News anchor Chris Wallace who recently announced that he would be leaving the network to join CNN. The announcement was made on Sunday, shocking absolutely nobody.

Wallace was, after all, the man who hosted a 2020 presidential debate and consistently sided with extremist Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden throughout the discussion.

During an interview with Chris Salcedo on his Newsmax radio show on Monday, the former president slammed Wallace, describing how he “always wanted to be his father.”

Trump added that he “wasn’t born with that kind of talent,” making reference to Mike Wallace, the late newsman who was known and respected all over the country.

Trump added that “we’re lucky to have him out” of Fox News, and that he clearly favored Joe Biden during last year’s presidential debate.

He said that he was forced to debate both Wallace and Biden, describing how Wallace pushed back against Trump’s entirely accurate assessment of Hunter Biden’s business deals, which included one incident involving a transfer of millions of dollars from the wife of a Russian politician.

Wallace wouldn’t allow the question, Trump said, claiming that it wasn’t the topic that they were meant to be talking about.

Wallace literally decided what Trump could and couldn’t say in the debate – and protected the Biden family from legitimate criticism of their questionable foreign business activity in the process.

Listen to the interview here.