Trump Supporters Were Driven By Loyalty, Not Insurrection, According to Harvard Study

( The rioters that stormed the Capitol building January 6, 2020 were motivated by their loyalty to Trump, not by an intention to stage an insurrection, according to a Harvard study. The study focused on 417 of the more than 800 defendants currently prosecuted for their involvement on January 6.

Roughly one out of five rioters were motivated by support for then-President Trump, Just the News reported. One in five also said that they stormed the Capitol over Trump’s claim of election fraud that occurred in the 2020 General Election, where the election was stolen from the president in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

Fewer than 8% said that their reason for rioting was to start an armed revolution. Only about 4% cited the QAnon conspiracy theory as the reason for participating, although the study’s authors admitted that they thought the number would be higher because of the imagery displayed so often in the media.

“The folks with QAnon T-shirts, and signs, and flags were so prominently displayed in much of the visual imagery that came out of the Capitol attack,” one of the study’s authors Kaylee Fagan said. “So we expected to see more QAnon-related concepts come through in the documents.”

They also claim that the documents show that “Trump and his allies convinced an unquantifiable number of Americans that representative democracy in the United States was not only in decline, but in imminent, existential danger.”

The partisan January 6 hearings continue to air in Washington, D.C., but a new poll finds that in a head-to-head rematch, Donald Trump overtakes Biden 42-39%. Trump-endorsed candidates are replacing the Republicans like Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Cheney is set to lose her seat this August primary in Wyoming over her role in the select committee and voting to impeach Trump. The representative has seen her disapproval rating jump to 72%. The warmonger is now attempting to appeal to Democrats in her district to switch parties before the primary.

After Tom Rice also voted to impeach Trump, the five-term incumbent representative for South Carolina lost his re-election bid to Trump-endorsed candidate Russell Fry.