Trump Wades Back Into Politics With New GOP Event In New Orleans

( In a long, huffy, angry screed at the Washington Post, writer Josh Dawsey tore apart former President Trump’s address to GOP donors in New Orleans last Saturday.

During his speech, President Trump joked that the US should place Chinese flags on jets and “bomb the sh*t out of Russia,” a comment that so enraged Dawsey, he placed it prominently at the beginning of his pearl-clutching article.

What especially enraged Dawsey was that the audience of top GOP donors were clapping and laughing at Trump “using vulgarities and jokes.” Dawsey was particularly bothered that Trump’s joke about painting Chinese flags on our jets to bomb Russia was met with laughter.

The entire 2,000+-word “well-I-never” article is filled with Dawsey angrily recounting every supposed offensive thing Trump said. He complains about Trump reiterating his “false claims that he won the 2020 election” and whines that Trump spent more time attacking Biden than he did Vladimir Putin.

In reading Dawsey’s article, one can almost imagine him sitting red-faced with anger and his fingers furiously bang out every outraged word.

During his speech, the former president recounted how Kim’s generals and aides would cower when Kim spoke to them, joking that he looked at his people and said “I want my people to act like that.” Dawsey was deeply troubled that the audience laughed at Trump’s joke.

But it was Trump’s complaints about the 2020 presidential election that really got under Dawsey’s skin. He peppered his description of Trump’s remarks about 2020 with phrases like “falsely claiming” and “unsubstantiated theories.”

While Dawsey quotes extensively from Trump’s remarks, the parts he quotes the most had to do with Trump’s comments on the 2020 election and the complaints he had for Republicans who didn’t agree with him about voter fraud.

No matter what Trump said, Dawsey found a way to portray every word in the worst possible light.

Toward the end, Dawsey writes that some of the people in the room told him Trump’s speech was too long and they started losing interest about halfway through.

Then he went back to picking the speech apart, cramming in every negative thing he could think of until he finally capped it off by itemizing the insults Trump directed at some of the people he attacked.