Trump WIPES OUT Biden Lead In Texas, Leads By Two Points After Trailing In July

( President Donald Trump’s polling numbers continue to skyrocket as more voters begin to realize that the Democrats won’t do anything about the far-left radicals burning down American cities. Well, I guess they will do something…capitulate.

A new poll from Dallas Morning News and UT-Tyler show that President Trump has wiped out Biden’s five-point lead in the Lone Star State from July, and now leads the Democratic nominee by two points. The survey was taken between August 28 and September 2 and shows the president with a strong chance of winning the traditionally Republican state.

Poll director Mark Owens told the press that “Trump is ahead” and that he is “helped by Cornyn.”

Senator John Cornyn of Texas is leading his Democratic opponent MJ Hegar by a substantial 11 percentage points.

The poll asked 1,176 registered voters, of which some 901 said that they were “extremely like” to vote in the presidential election in November. It has a margin of error of +/- 2.87% points.

There was a little good news for Biden with regards to registered voters, with more registered voters saying they may vote for him – though he only leads 44-43%. Which is effectively a tie. Just two months ago, however, Biden was leading in this group by five points.

Republican is frankly unlikely to turn Democrat any time soon, but the party has been making inroads in the state as the population of Mexican immigrants increases in the region. For the most part, voting immigrants in Mexico are more likely to vote for the Democrats, but President Donald Trump has shown in recent opinion polls that more Hispanics will be voting for the Republican Party than at any other time in recent history.

The results for Texas, therefore, are unpredictable. Democrats are doing better than ever in the state, but President Trump built an economy that put more Hispanics and Black Americans into work than ever before, so we’ll have to wait and see.

President Trump won Texas by nine percentage points in 2016, where Hillary Clinton failed to mobilize support in the state.