Trump’s 2 Eldest Kids Deposed In Ongoing Probe

( Former President Donald Trump and his children Don Junior and Ivanka were finally deposed by New York prosecutors in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ ongoing civil investigation into the Trump Organization’s business practices.

The AG’s office had initially scheduled the depositions in mid-July. However, the depositions were postponed after the unexpected death of Trump’s ex-wife Ivana.

In late July, Don Junior was the first to sit for questioning. And while the details of depositions are not public, it has been reported that he answered questions freely without taking the Fifth Amendment.

Ivanka Trump was deposed in early August.

Then last week, former President Trump had his deposition where he pleaded the Fifth and refused to answer any questions.

In a statement after the deposition, the former President said he declined to answer “under the rights and privileges afforded to every citizen under the United States Constitution.”

Trump said he refused to answer questions because he, his family, and his business have become “targets” of a political-motivated “Witch Hunt.” Citing the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago two days earlier, the former president said that Monday’s search “wiped out any uncertainty” over whether he would cooperate with the Attorney General’s civil investigation.

In his statement, the former president blasted Attorney General Letitia James who had campaigned in 2018 on the promise to “get Trump.” He accused her of making a career out of “maliciously attacking me and my business before she was even elected.” Trump said he would not permit “a renegade and out-of-control prosecutor” to use him and his business as a way to advance her political career.

He reiterated that he did nothing wrong, adding that this is why, after five years of investigations, nothing has been found.

After the deposition, the former president posted on Truth Social that it was “a very professional meeting.” He defended the Trump Organization, calling it a “fantastic company with great assets, very little debt, and lots of CASH.”

Letitia James has indicated that the goal of her witch hunt is to dissolve the Trump Organization entirely under New York State’s so-called corporate death penalty law that grants the Attorney General the authority to seek to dissolve any New York business operating “in a persistently fraudulent or illegal manner.”