Trump’s Lawyer Claims NY Attorney General James Is “Just Not That Bright”

( — Tempers flared after Donald Trump’s testimony in his civil fraud trial on Monday as his attorney, Alina Habba, made the rounds of conservative news outlets to try the case in the court of public opinion, The Hill reported.

Habba appeared on Newsmax Monday, where she blasted New York Attorney General Letitia James, saying she is “just not that bright.”

Habba, who frequently locked horns with Judge Arthur Engoron during Trump’s testimony, claimed that the attorney general’s lawyers “don’t know what they’re talking about.” She argued that what Judge Engoron ruled as fraud is just standard behavior in the industry.

Habba said James “needs to educate herself.” Struggling for words, Habba described the case as a “circus” and “crazy” and said anyone “with a brain” can understand that case is “just completely insane.”

During his testimony on Monday, Trump sparred with Judge Engoron and launched personal attacks both at him and Attorney General James, calling her a “political hack” and a “fraud.”

Rather than simply answering the questions asked of him, Trump routinely launched lengthy responses, veering off-topic to rant about political persecution. He repeatedly disputed the argument that he isn’t worth nearly as much as he claims, telling the judge that he was worth “billions of dollars more” than what the financial statements reflected. He accused prosecutors from the attorney general’s office of trying to “hurt” and “demean” him for “political reasons.”

At one point, Judge Engoron implored Trump’s attorney to control his client, telling him, “If you can’t, I will.”

Following Monday’s testimony, Attorney General James told reporters outside the courthouse that she was not deterred by Trump’s behavior on the stand. She said Trump “rambled” and “hurled insults,” but her office had expected that from him.

James asserted that she would “not be bullied” or “harassed,” telling reporters that the case would go on.

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