Trump’s Lawyers Move to Postpone Classified Documents Trial

( — Attorneys for Donald Trump are seeking to postpone the trial in the classified documents case until after the 2024 election, The Associated Press reported.

In the motion filed with the US District Court in Southern Florida last Wednesday, Trump’s attorneys asked District Court Judge Aileen Cannon to delay the trial currently scheduled for May 2024 until mid-November 2024 at the earliest.

Citing scheduling conflicts, including the March 2024 federal trial in Washington, DC, and the ongoing civil trial in New York, Trump’s attorneys said the delay was necessary.

The attorneys also accused the special counsel’s office of delaying the release of discovery in the case and argued that the delays in obtaining and reviewing the evidence make the current trial schedule “unworkable.”

The motion also notes that the legal team only has access to a “small, temporary facility” where they can review classified material, further slowing the process.

Prosecutors had suggested in late September that the defense was unreasonably seeking delays in the case.

While they acknowledged that the timeframe for some procedural steps is taking “slightly longer than anticipated,” the special counsel’s office said the Trump legal team’s claim that prosecutors are delaying discovery is false.

Prosecutors insist that some of the delays in discovery were partly due to Trump’s defense team lacking the “necessary read-ins to review” the classified material submitted by the prosecution.

The special counsel’s office said it has so far turned over around 1.28 million pages of unclassified material and has provided more than the majority of classified materials, with much of the outstanding classified documents expected to be provided by last Friday.

The materials turned over on Friday were expected to include “certain materials” that Trump’s defense team has said are outstanding, prosecutors said. These materials included audio recordings of interviews and the details of the classification reviews conducted for the case.

Trump’s co-defendants in the classified documents case, Mar-a-Lago employee Carlos De Oliveira and Trump’s personal assistant Walt Nauta, joined the motion to postpone.

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