Trump’s New Election Strategy Is Relying On Massive Institutions, And Democrats Don’t Like It

( Donald Trump’s attempt to secure a second term as president failed ‘spectacularly,’ announced a notorious far-left media outlet. They’re very annoyed that Trump is bringing attention to election ‘irregularities’ that are pointing out the Democrat party’s behavior during the 2020 election.

The left feels angry that Republican authorities have ‘failed to recognize’ Joe Biden’s victory. And now that Republicans, and some Democrats, have banded together in their respective states to return their election laws to their proper place pre-pandemic era and strengthen election security, the far-left media is beside itself in angst. To paraphrase a quote from Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, How DARE They?!

The writer mentions that two other left-wing outlets have published reports about the movement to secure elections. One focuses on Cleta Mitchell, a lifelong Conservative Republican who is recruiting volunteers to serve as poll observers. The other outlet reported on the plan in Michigan to send volunteers to polling places. The report also described an extensive nationwide campaign to connect Republican district attorneys who may launch real-time challenges.

According to the writer, he is filled with worry over the difficulty of predicting what impact this will have on future elections. He is tormented about accuracy and is almost sure the Republican presence would endanger Democrat poll workers and destroy the election process. As if the Republican poll watchers would be a gang of ballot rustlin’ outlaws riding in on horses, roping voters, and riding off with election machines.
The outlet then claimed the Republicans’ goal is to overwhelm polling places with volunteers who assume they are on “the scene of a crime.” The writer pre-judged them as racist against voters “who have dark skin.” He then claimed that election challenges are becoming an established wing of the Republican Party, much like Christian conservatives and gun owners. They’re forming groups, training cadres, gathering cash, and making plans for the worst-case scenario. He suggested it is the institutionalization of an insurgent movement that is taking place.
Why is promoting good and fair election practices always a problem with the Left?