Trump’s Winning Streak Might End Over Latest Candidate

( Donald Trump may finally have suffered his first defeat of the primary election season.

The former president had a perfect 55-0 record with Republican candidates that he endorsed for primary races heading into Tuesday’s elections. All of the candidates he backed up to this point either won the election outright or advanced to a runoff.

That is until Charles Herbster, who was running for governor in Nebraska, seemingly fell flat in Tuesday’s Republican primary. Many polls leading up to the gubernatorial primary election in the state predicted that Herbster would not win, and that seems to have proven true, according to the latest election results.

The New York Times reported late on Tuesday night that Herbster had received 28.6% of the vote in the Republican primary in Nebraska, with 83% of the precincts reporting. That placed him second, just ahead of Brett Lindstrom’s 27.8%.

Both of those candidates were behind Jim Pillen, who garnered 33.3% of the Republican primary vote, according to The Times.

There is certainly still time for Herbster to overcome that deficit, but it doesn’t seem likely with so much of the state’s precincts reporting.

If the results hold up, it will mark Trump’s first endorsement defeat of this election cycle. It’s still quite the impressive run, but also a big loss since it’s for a governorship in a key swing state.

Trump first publicly backed Herbster late last year, and at one point, he held a substantial lead in polls. As recently as March, a survey conducted by KA Consulting LLC showed that Herbster held a 9% lead over Pillen and a 10% lead over Lindstrom.

What happened since that time, though, is several women came forward to accuse Herbster of sexual assault. He has since denied all of those allegations, but they seemed to have hurt him in the actual election, since the results are a major turnaround from where polling numbers showed him to stand.

On Monday, just one day before polls opened for the election, most bookmakers were pegging Pillen to be the favorite to capture the Republican nomination for governor in Nebraska. Betfair, one of the world’s top sportsbooks, listed Pillen as the 5/4 favorite to win the Republican primary.

Herbster followed him with 7/4 odds, with Lindstrom having odds of 5/2.

As Sam Rosbottom, a spokesperson for Betfair, told Newsweek recently:

“Despite Donald Trump traveling to Nebraska on Sunday to rally support for businessman Charles Herbster, Jim Pillen leads the way in the betting for the Republican primary Nebraska gubernatorial race.”

As of May 3, Trump had a spotless record in primaries in two key midwestern states. He was 22-0 in Indiana and Ohio.

The big win among all those election was J.D. Vance, who jumped from third in polling for the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Ohio all the way to the eventual winner once Trump announced his support of him.

In March, all 33 of the candidates that Trump endorsed for office in Texas ended up either winning outright or ended up advancing to a runoff election.

It was unlikely that every candidate that Trump supported was going to win, but there was hope, of course.