Tucker Carlson Accuses Obama Of Inappropriate Behavior

(PatriotWise.com) — On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson released a teaser video on X promoting his Wednesday interview with Larry Sinclair, the man who for the last 15 years has claimed that he once had a drug-fueled gay encounter with then-State Senator Barack Obama in Chicago in 1999.

In June 2008, Sinclair appeared with his lawyer at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., trying to get media attention for his claims that had so far only gained traction on right-wing blogs.

According to a June 16, 2008, Politico report, Sinclair’s criminal history spanned nearly 30 years, and most of the charges involved deceit.

Sinclair was charged with forgery in two states, drawing a 16-year sentence in one. He also had an outstanding warrant from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado for forging the signature of an acquaintance to steal her tax refunds.

After Sinclair first made his allegations, the blog Whitehouse.com offered to pay him $20,000 to take a polygraph test. Unsurprisingly, the forger took them up on the offer. Rather than passing with flying colors, Sinclair’s polygraph “indicated deception,” according to Politico.

Sinclair subsequently claimed that the sponsors of the polygraph had been bribed to doctor the results.

Following the June 16 National Press Club news conference, Sinclair was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Delaware after a liberal blogger tipped off the police.

Some social media users questioned why Carlson would interview Sinclair fifteen years after he first made the allegations, with some joking that the interview is bound to derail Barack Obama’s 2024 presidential aspirations, if he had any.

Despite Sinclair’s checkered past and dubious claims, in a recent interview on the Adam Corolla Show, Carlson said he believes the allegations are true.

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