Tucker Carlson Exposes Stereotype About AR-15

(PatriotWise.com)- FBI crime statistics show that more Americans are murdered by knives than rifles. But despite the relatively low instances of homicides by AR-15 style rifles, gun control activists, as well as President Biden, are hyper-focused on banning these wildly popular semi-automatic rifles.

Tucker Carlson decided to dig into the myths and misinformation surrounding the AR-15 that are routinely peddled by anti-gun activists. So he went down to Tennessee to meet with popular firearms YouTuber Greg Kinman (AKA Hickok45) at his gun range in order to separate the facts from the myths about America’s best-selling weapon.

See clip HERE.

Most of the things gun control activists say about the AR-15 are absurd on their face. It isn’t a “high powered” weapon – whatever it is they mean by that phrase. It isn’t an “assault weapon.” Nor is it a “weapon of war” – as the military does not issue semi-automatic AR-15s.

Then again, most of the people who make these claims about the AR-15s don’t know the difference between “clips” and “magazines” either.

Kinman explains that that nothing about this semi-automatic rifle is new. The technology behind the AR-15 has been around for over a century.

In 2016, the NRA released a video called “The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime.” The video features former Navy SEAL Dom Raso who makes the case that when it comes to home protection, there is no better weapon than the AR-15.

The video was released shortly after the Pulse Nightclub terror attack in Orlando in June 2016, and opens with a clip of then-candidate Hillary Clinton telling NBC News “We need to get these weapons of war off the streets.”

You’ll note the montage at the beginning of the video shows politicians and reporters alike using the all-too-common false terms (“weapons of war,” “assault weapon,” and “military-style weapons”) that Tucker discusses in his segment.

Last month, President Biden announced that he would push for Congress to reinstate the “Assault Weapons Ban” – saying “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”