Tucker Carlson Is Still Locked Out Of His Twitter Account

(PatriotWise.com)- Satire site The Babylon Bee, along with Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk remain locked out of Twitter for posting that Biden’s HHS assistant secretary Richard “Rachel” Levine was born a man.

All three are refusing to delete the offending tweets that got them locked out of their accounts as a way to protest Twitter’s censorship of factually-true statements.

Charlie Kirk told Breitbart News last week that Twitter hasn’t banned the accounts, but has suspended them until they delete the “offending” tweets. But Kirk remained defiant, saying he would not “deny the truth just to be on Twitter.”

This all started last month when USA Today announced that Richard “Rachel” Levine was selected as one of their “Women of the Year.”

In response, on March 20, The Babylon Bee posted a tweet jokingly announcing that “Rachel” Levine had been chosen as their Man of the Year. Twitter locked the Bee’s account and told the satire site that it would regain access once the tweet was deleted. But the Bee refused.

Charlie Kirk quickly glommed onto the controversy, pointing out that Levine spent 54 years as a man with a wife and family when in 2011, he “transitioned” to a female. Kirk blasted USA Today for making him a “Woman of the Year” and demanded to know “where are the feminists?”

All Tucker Carlson did was post screenshots of both the Bee’s tweet and Kirk’s tweet, noting that both were true. And for that, Twitter locked Carlson out of his account.

After the news broke last week that Telsa and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had become Twitter’s largest shareholder, The Babylon Bee’s editor-in-chief Seth Dillon revealed on Twitter that Musk had contacted the satire site before conducting a Twitter poll asking followers about the social media platform’s commitment to free speech. Dillon said Musk had wanted to know if the Bee had been suspended and suggested that he might need to buy Twitter.

Conservatives were thrilled when Musk became a member of Twitter’s Board of Directors, hoping his presence on the board might spell changes for the censorious site.

However, over the weekend, Musk decided that he didn’t want to join the board.